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The Black Lipped Clamshell Box

Format Lipped Clamshell Boxes are designed to showcase your art in an "elegant presentation.” Designed and constructed with the highest quality materials available.

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Portfolio Cases

Protect your artwork, photographs, memories, posters, magazines, and more with our top-of-the-line portfolio cases. Slim & sleek contemporary portfolio cases that are suitable for shelf storage. Made in a matte-finish linen, & black exterior that complements any presentation. 


Print Folio Case

A slim, sleek, contemporary presentation brief option that is suitable for shelf storage.

Solander Museum Case

Used for decades by museums & archival institutions where long term flat storage is essential.

Portfolio Case

A traditional design of the portfolio, offering a very rigid, light tight, and dust free archival solution.

Archival Storage

Product focusing on storing & preserving your collectibles and archived products and materials. Manufactured with the highest quality of materials, to archive your prized possessions.

D-Ring Album & Slip Case

Slipcases add an additional layer of protection from dirt, dust and light for your binder and its valuable contents.

Chipboard Graded Card Storage Box

The Chipboard Graded Storage Box comes with 4 Storage Trays. Cards & Card holders not included.

Portfolio D-Ring Binder

The fully enclosed binder helps to eliminate dust and debris from contacting the contents stored inside.