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Whether you're already an established collector, or just starting out, you need a place to put all your cards. Our Large Graded Card Box is designed to hold more cards, than our Graded Card Storage Box.  While our Graded Card Storage Box is able to hold 35 PSA cards, 27 Beckett cards, and 22 SGC cards, our Large Graded Storage Box upgrades you to even more space; able to hold up to 52 PSA cards, 34 Beckett cards, and 40 SCG cards.

Not a collector? No worries. The Large Graded Storage Box is perfect for a variety of other uses, however you may see fit, with dimensions of 12-11/16" x 4"x 5-5/8"

Like all of our products, the Large Graded Card Storage Box is made here in the U.S with materials sourced from U.S suppliers. Be sure to check out our other products, available in the shop.

Introducing: The Tallboy Storage Box

Whether you are a collector of sport cards, polaroids, postage stamps, postcards, or old iPhones, you deserve are storage box that treats those prized possessions with the care they deserve. It's time for you to upgrade that "shoebox storage system" you've had on the top shelf of your closet. We'd like to introduce you to the Tallboy Storage Box; sleek, durable, and doesn't say what size shoe you are on the outside.

Tallboy boxes are specifically designed to keep Tallboy cards safe, with interior dimensions of 10-3/4" x 4-3/8" x 7-7/16" (with the ability to hold up to 32 tallboy cards). However, we encourage you to use the boxes anyway you see fit. The Tallboy Storage Box has a black acrylic coated exterior finish giving off a perfect, simple, and modern design, while the inside is a neutral white. 

Like all products at, the Tallboy Storage box is made here in the United States, with materials sourced from U.S. suppliers.