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Whether you're already an established collector, or just starting out, you need a place to put all your cards. Our Large Graded Card Box is designed to hold more cards, than our Graded Card Storage Box.  While our Graded Card Storage Box is able to hold 35 PSA cards, 27 Beckett cards, and 22 SGC cards, our Large Graded Storage Box upgrades you to even more space; able to hold up to 52 PSA cards, 34 Beckett cards, and 40 SCG cards.

Not a collector? No worries. The Large Graded Storage Box is perfect for a variety of other uses, however you may see fit, with dimensions of 12-11/16" x 4"x 5-5/8"

Like all of our products, the Large Graded Card Storage Box is made here in the U.S with materials sourced from U.S suppliers. Be sure to check out our other products, available in the shop.

Introducing: The Print Folio Case

The Format Print Folio Case is perfect for artists in need of a stylish and practical portfolio case, capable of storing photographs, sketches, matted prints, magazines, books, and more. Much like all of our products, the Print Folio Cases are designed to protect your work from the inside out (just check out our Preservation post). Featuring .100 thick acid free, lignin free, & PH neutral binder boards, as well as acrylic coated exterior paper. The interior folding flap has magnets to secure closure, thus reducing exposure to light, dust, and dirt. We also decided to keep the magnetic closure hidden to maintain a sleek and minimal design. currently offers the Format Print Folio Case in five different sizes, and like all of our products, is made and resourced in the United States.

Introducing: The Tallboy Storage Box

Whether you are a collector of sport cards, polaroids, postage stamps, postcards, or old iPhones, you deserve are storage box that treats those prized possessions with the care they deserve. It's time for you to upgrade that "shoebox storage system" you've had on the top shelf of your closet. We'd like to introduce you to the Tallboy Storage Box; sleek, durable, and doesn't say what size shoe you are on the outside.

Tallboy boxes are specifically designed to keep Tallboy cards safe, with interior dimensions of 10-3/4" x 4-3/8" x 7-7/16" (with the ability to hold up to 32 tallboy cards). However, we encourage you to use the boxes anyway you see fit. The Tallboy Storage Box has a black acrylic coated exterior finish giving off a perfect, simple, and modern design, while the inside is a neutral white. 

Like all products at, the Tallboy Storage box is made here in the United States, with materials sourced from U.S. suppliers. 


Bottom line: photographs are sensitive. Whether you spent countless hours developing the film and prints, or endless minutes editing them on photoshop, it's important that after your work is printed, it's also protected. There are numerous factors that go into what may damage your prized possessions; heat, humidity, and pollution to name a few.

Although, we may not go in-depth about what the temperature of your room should be based on how you printed your photo, we will give you the down-low on how your portfolios & archival storage should measure-up.

Storage should be the physical barrier between your photographs/art, and any potential problems it may encounter that may result in scratches, smears, etc. Believe it or not, most damage that occurs to a photograph in it's lifetime happens when improper storage is utilized.

Enclosures, or portfolios, should include (but are not limited to) the following features:

  1. Be acid-free
  2. Be lignin-free

Luckily, our portfolios not only feature the above points, as well as include (but are not limited to) the additional following features:

  1. The use of PH neutral paper & binder boards
  2. Reinforced spine hinges for durability
  3. Heavy exterior coating for an added layer of protection
  4. Metal reinforced corners